Detroit chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Eisman and all of our staff here at Eisman Chiropractic Clinic welcome you to our office! As one of Michigan's top 100 chiropractors, our chiropractic clinic has provided back pain relief for patients since 1947. Originally founded by Dr. David Eisman, our clinic has spanned the decades because our passion for providing highly-skilled, compassionate chiropractic care is matched only by our commitment to treating each of our patients like one of the family.

Detroit chiropractor provides back pain relief

We have helped thousands of patients overcome back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia and more. Our patients range in age from newborns to folks in their 90's, and there is nothing we love more than seeing a patient's tears of pain replaced by smiles of relief! Eisman Chiropractic Clinic is one of the oldest chiropractic clinics in Detroit, and strives to continually offer personal and advanced care for the surrounding communities of Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Ferndale, Oak Park, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, and Livonia.

Back Pain Relief Right Here in Detroit, Michigan

While many of our first-time patients from the Metro Detroit area come in seeking neck or back pain relief, most are surprised to discover that our Detroit chiropractor can help alleviate many other painful health conditions through gentle, experienced chiropractic care. Dr. Eisman has treated everything from sciatica and shoulder pain to headaches and fibromyalgia through precise, gentle spinal adjustments since 1979. He is on the Michigan State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and is a well-known speaker and lecturer about health and wellness issues around the country. Through his years of experience, he has helped thousands come to see, from personal experience, how a healthy spine can lead to a vibrant, pain-free life.

Our chiropractors are also highly skilled at helping people recover from car accident injury pain. Even low-speed auto accidents can cause shifts in the alignment of the spine, particularly within the neck. In fact, whiplash is the most common car accident injury we help our patients overcome. Whiplash can be a delayed-onset injury that hurts worse and causes more problems over time. Because of this, we recommend anyone who has been in a car accident, no matter how minor, come to us for an evaluation as soon as possible so we can nip painful problems in the bud.

Detroit auto injury and whiplash patients find relief at Eisman Chiropractic Clinic

Here at Eisman Chiropractic Clinic, we do more than just help people achieve back pain relief. Our overriding goal is to help each of our patients from the surrounding communities of Detroit get on the road away from pain and toward full, optimal health and wellness. To that end, we provide an entire palette of treatments and services designed to help our patients' bodies and minds heal and thrive. In addition to highly-skilled spinal care and postural screenings, we teach our patients corrective exercises and stretches that strengthen formerly weak areas. This helps people avoid injuries in the first place. We also provide lifestyle and nutrition advice designed to remove barriers to full health while helping people fuel their bodies with the foods they need to stay healthy.

Our goal is to help people become healthy from the inside out. Please call us today at 313-837-3300 and start the journey to total wellness!

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    Jeffrey Eisman

    The Eisman Clinic has been promoting health and guiding patients on their path for better health for over 60 years. The clinic was established by Dr. David Eisman in 1947. The doctors have seen thousands of patients who now have pain free lives and are living healthy due to the safe and natural care provided at the clinic. Dr. Jeffrey Eisman is now the clinic director. Along with his team of professionals, he continues to promote a 'whole person approach' to wellness and recovery.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I was in excruciating pain because of a pinched nerve. I was popping pills day and night. I thought about physical therapy but I knew it would take a while to work . But God said go to a chiropractor and I did. I found Dr. Eisman clinic 10 minutes away and I had appointment the next day. The staff is awesome , the doctors are awesome and you will do yourself a great service by getting treatment from them. Dr. Sellick and Dr. Eisman will get you right. I'm a witness.

    Rhonda W.

    He’s an amazing doctor!! The service is amazing,the experience is amazing an he’s really helping me!!

    Anttnices T.

    It is a place I literally love to go to, and the times I chose NOT to go skip my appts my body paid me back in spades! I've been a patient for a long time over 10yrs, and I love him, and his staff. Come see him u won't regret it!

    Dorene H.


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