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"I have had chronic pain in my back, all my joints, legs, calves, ankles and even into my toes. These pains have been off and on for the last 4 years. The pain can be severe and it will last all day and all night. I took pain killers but I feared being addicted to them.

I attended a lecture by Dr. Eisman and decided to give Chiropractic a try. I had been to a Chiropractor before and I really didn't have any doubts I would get better. When I first came to the clinic I felt that Dr. Eisman and his staff were very comforting and I felt hopeful.

After the examination, Dr. Eisman gave me a treatment schedule. I noticed that the pains were decreasing and I was getting relief daily. I began to sleep better, feeling content.

To anyone who is reading this, come out of your comfort zone. Try Chiropractic, Try Eisman Clinic, you might just like it! I am a true believer!"


"George has had neck problems for over a year and a half. George had been taking some medication and I feared him becoming addicted to the drugs.

Because I had personal experience with Chiropractic, and had positive results, I brought Greorge in to see Dr. Eisman. After the examination, Dr. Eisman told me to bring George to the clinic and get adjustments.

Since coming here, Geroge has had much relief from the neck pain. I have told lots of people that if you are suffering and having pain, go to see Dr. Eisman."

Rita and Montaya

My daughter and I were involved in a car accident that left us in pain. My MD sent us to physical therapy. We were still in pain. I had daily headaches and did not see any relief in sight. Our Physical Medicine doctor referred us to Dr. Eisman because she knew the benefits of Chiropractic. The staff at Eisman Chiropractic Clinic was there for me.

At first, the term spinal manipulation frightened me because I had no idea what to expect. But Dr. Eisman and his team reassured and educated us. I knew immediately that my health was in good hands. Now I feel so much better and still improving. I recommend Eisman Clinic to anyone that is in search of pain relief.

Montaya says that "I don’t know what I would have done without him. Dr. Eisman is awesome!"

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“If you need someone that knows what they are doing and that cares about you while still managing to do his job and do it awesome this is the place to be. Dr. Eisman is such a great person and I am honored to have been treated by him and very blessed to have him, his lovely wife Nancy and wonderful staff in my life. You will not leave in the same condition you came in.”

Kelley Williams

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