Car Accident and Work Related Injuries

Car Accident and Work Related Injuries

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When you are seated in a moving vehicle that hits either another moving vehicle or a stationary object, the forces involved can cause severe damage to your musculoskeletal system, leaving you with pain, loss of function or other debilitating problems.

At Eisman Chiropractic Clinic in Detroit, we have extensive experience with such injuries, and our gentle, non-invasive techniques provide natural pain relief and healing without the need for surgery or medications. In addition to our skilled care, we pride ourselves on our personal approach to treating patients from the surrounding communities of Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Ferndale, Oak Park, Livonia, West Bloomfield, Farmington and Birmingham. We focus on getting to know you and your needs. Not only will we give you individual attention by creating custom treatment plans based on your needs, but we will personally assist you with the maze of paperwork you will face. Our staff is trained in working closely with insurance companies and attorneys. Our goal is to make getting the care you need a more enjoyable process and to minimize any of the stress of dealing with insurance companies.

Anatomy of a Car Accident Injury

Considering its role as the main structural support of the human body, the spine can prove surprisingly fragile in the event of an auto accident. Its vulnerability stems from the fact that it consists of a group of vertebrae articulated by small joints called facet joints and cushioned by delicate, gelatinous discs. This structure allows for a wide range of motion but also invites the possibility of injury at several points along the spinal column.

The neck often suffers the worst damage in a car accident injury. The cervical vertebrae must support the entire weight of your head, and when a sudden collision or other jolt forces your head violently forward and back again, a condition called whiplash often results. Whiplash, characterized by spinal misalignment, bulging discs and strained, torn muscles, can leave you with agonizing neck pain, back pain and stiffness.

The vertebrae of your thoracic (mid-level) and lumbar (lower) spine, while sturdier and more well-protected than the cervical vertebrae, can also suffer significant damage from an auto accident injury.

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If you wear a shoulder harness, your body may twist unnaturally as the collision force throws you around. This twisting action may force a part of your spinal column out of alignment. The discs between vertebrae may then either bulge out of their normal position or herniate as their delicate exterior lining tears. Damaged discs can press painfully against the large nerve roots that extend from your spine and send sensation to the rest of the body. Herniated discs can also allow your vertebrae to compress together without their normal degree of cushioning, leading to severe neck pain and back pain.

What if you walk away from an auto accident with no apparent injury at all? You need to get checked anyway! As strange as it may sound, you may not feel any pain of other symptoms of spinal damage for weeks or months after your accident. But by the time your symptoms finally appear, scar tissue has already built up in the area, making healing and pain relief that much more difficult to achieve.

Car Accident Injury Treatment for the communities of Metro Detroit

If you have suffered a car accident injury in Detroit, make an appointment with our auto accident chiropractor, Dr. Eisman. Our team will evaluate your spine and musculoskeletal system carefully to determine the source of the problem. We can then perform chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression or other techniques as needed to restore your correct spinal and disc alignment for speedier healing and drug-free pain relief.

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