5 Signs You May Need Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is not just for athletes or people with injuries. While it helps in these situations, other scenarios may make it ideal to see a chiropractor. For example, chiropractic can help if you experience discomfort and pain.


Chiropractic helps treat the origin of the pain and encourages living a healthy lifestyle. You can use it to prepare your body for surgery or promote flexibility and strength. Some doctors prefer treating some health issues with chiropractic. Here are signs that indicate you may need chiropractic care:


You Struggle With Balancing


Noticeable loss of balance can arise from several factors. You can struggle with it if you have a condition or illness. Problems with the structure of your inner ear can cause a loss of balance. Chiropractic can help you by taking you through a treatment known as vestibular rehabilitation.


You Have Chronic Pain


It is ideal to see a doctor if you are experiencing pain that inhibits your normal functioning. Having pain that stays for more than a few days should tell you to seek immediate medical help.


Your chiropractor can detect underlying issues to help relieve the pain. You can work with your specialist to point out areas of pain and assess the problem. Chiropractic can help reduce the pain through a rehabilitation program. You can also do a targeted exercise to ease your pain and get you back to normalcy.


Uncontrollable Urinating


Chiropractic helps individuals who experience intense urges to urinate. You may need help from a chiropractor if you urinate when you laugh, cough, or sneeze. Urinary incontinence, a problem that millions of people face, is treatable.


Below are the types of urinary incontinence:


  • Overflow incontinence - Frequent leaking from the inability to empty the bladder

  • Stress incontinence - Urine leaks whenever there is sudden pressure on your bladder

  • Total incontinence - Frequent leaking caused by your bladder's inability to store any urine

  • Urge incontinence - Urine leaks whenever you feel a urinating urge


A chiropractor can help you reduce urinary incontinence through pelvic floor exercises. Doing such exercises targets the muscles that support your bowel, womb, and bladder.


You Experience Pain While Seated 


Some people experience pain if they remain seated at their desks for long hours. They can experience back pain, neck pain, or headaches. The human body needs to be mobile and active. Remaining in the same posture for many hours can cause cramps to the joints and muscles of your body.


Taking regular breaks to stand and move around can help. Chiropractic can help ease the pains from sitting on the desk for long periods. Your doctor can help you adapt posture habits that alleviate pain. 


Delayed Recovery 


As your injuries heal, it is normal to have the pain gradually disappear. But in some cases, the pain remains and grows worse. You may need to consider chiropractic if you have an injury that is not healing and you are experiencing lingering pain. Your chiropractor can assess your problem and create targeted exercises. 


Chiropractic has rehabilitation programs that ease pain and prevent injuries from recurring. Some pain treatments include massages, pain education, exercises, and manipulation. The workouts help support the affected part of your body.


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