What Causes Back Pain?

4 Common Causes of Back Pain

A variety of injuries or health conditions can cause backaches, and recognizing at least some of them may help you either avoid this form of discomfort or get the appropriate treatment. At Eisman Chiropractic, we would like to share four of the most common causes of Detroit back pain.  

1. Auto accidents. An auto accident injury can easily cause agonizing problems in any part of the spine. While we tend to associate such incidents with neck injuries and whiplash, a sharp jolt to the spinal column can cause a similar kind of vertebral misalignment and disc damage to the thoracic or lumbar spine.

2. Work-related accidents. If your job ever requires any kind of heavy lifting, you can strain your back if you try to lift a heavy load improperly. Even ordinary office tasks can put a strain on your back if you sit at an awkward angle. A fall can also jar your back and cause a slipped disc or compression injury.

3. Health conditions. As we get older we become more prone to painful degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, which affects the spine as well as other articulated structures. Osteoporosis can also contribute to spinal compression, impinging nerves and affecting your posture. Sometimes a narrowing of the bony canal surrounding the spinal cord can cause low back pain, tingling or numbness.

4. Poor posture. You need not suffer a dramatic injury to suffer from spinal misalignments. You might have lived for years with a postural imbalance due to a skeletal irregularity, and over time this imbalance can cause low back pain, joint problems and other symptoms. Fortunately, a case of poor posture can usually be corrected through adjustment, orthotics or strength-building exercises.

Hurting in Detroit? Our Chiropractor Can Help

If you seek Detroit back pain care, schedule a visit with our chiropractor, Dr. Eisman. We can determine exactly what kind of treatment will serve your needs best, providing natural, drug-free pain relief through spinal adjustments and physiotherapy. Let us get you back on track!

What helps you find relief from back pain?

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