Lasting Headache Relief

Headaches and Migraines Treated by Chiropractor

If you suffer from painful headaches and migraines, you know how fast it can ruin your day. Chiropractic care has proven to be effective in treating headaches and migraines, so if you live in the Detroit area, visit us at Eisman Chiropractic Clinic. We can determine the cause of your headaches and get you on the proper treatment plan to relieve your headaches.

The first step is to find the cause of your pain. There are many different causes of headaches including whiplash, TMJ, poor posture, or stress and fatigue. Migraines can often be debilitating, so the pain needs to be addressed by our chiropractor immediately. Our chiropractor can help you return to your normal routine and begin feeling better fast.

Detroit Chiropractic Care Relieves Headaches, Neck Pain and Whiplash

The most common type of headache typically occurs from stress put on the upper muscles in the neck and back. The tension causes the small neck muscles to spasm, which causes neck pain. Detroit headaches and migraines treated by chiropractorThis can occur from bad posture and from auto accidents. An injury to the muscles on the side of the neck is common in whiplash victims.

Migraines are the most painful type of headaches and can last from a few hours to a couple of days. The constriction of blood vessels in the brain, then a dilation of these blood vessels, leads to an increase in blood pressure inside the head and causes the excruciating pain.

Chiropractic treatment is very effective for treating headaches, especially for those that are caused by neck pain like whiplash. Adjustments and spinal manipulation can produce immediate pain relief and provide long lasting freedom from recurring tension headaches. Most headaches can be relieved through the manipulation of the vertebrae and adjustments to spine. These chiropractic adjustments are helpful with most types of headaches and can provide the immediate pain relief you desire.


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