Do I Have Whiplash?

Detroit Whiplash Sufferers Find Relief

Detroit chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Eisman has helped thousands of patients overcome the pain of whiplash. While it is the most common car accident injury, with at least 3 million reported cases a year, this neck injury can also be caused by sports injuries, sudden trips, and falls, and even carnival rides that jerk the body and head in different directions.

Even speeds as low as 5 mph can suddenly jar the neck vertebrae and strain the intricate network of muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues supporting the weight of the head. This inevitably pinches nerves and leads to neck and back pain, headaches, difficulty concentrating and even vision problems.

Banishing Neck Pain for Auto Injury Patients

Whiplash is notorious because, particularly at low speeds, its symptoms do not always appear immediately after the personal, sports or auto injury occurs. In fact, a person may feel fine initially. A few hours, days or weeks later, however, neck pain, headaches and other problems arise. The victim may wonder why, however, since there can be such a long delay in the onset of symptoms. This is why so many cases of this neck injury go unreported.

So we urge people who have been in a situation where their head and body were suddenly whipped in different directions to please come and see our experienced auto accident chiropractor as soon as possible. Dr. Eisman is highly qualified to recognize and treat these neck injuries with precise chiropractic cervical spinal adjustments to restore the neck's normal curvature and un-pinch nerves. Releasing the nerves often leads to dramatic pain relief and improved function.

We also provide a wide range of complementary therapies to help soft tissue injuries in the neck to heal. Everything from physiotherapy exercises, stretches, massage and more can restore range of motion and re-strengthen and retrain strained muscles so that they can support the correct alignment of the neck for lasting relief and wellness.

Have you ever suffered from a neck injury like this? What happened? What helped you feel better?

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