Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment After a Car Accident

Chiropractic treatment is a complementary medicine, an important part of an integrated health care delivery approach seeing wider practice today. It’s founded on the idea that your body can heal itself. Chiropractors help speed up the process by using spinal adjustments to align your muscles, tendons, nerves, and bones.

Every day, thousands of people get injuries in car accidents. The injuries could be from impact to the bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Since chiropractic care deals with these body parts, it is the best treatment to seek after a car accident. It will address those injuries and relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and restore your range of motion. It allows your body to heal itself and become strong.

Here are some benefits of getting chiropractic treatment at Eisman Chiropractic Clinic after a car accident.


Relieves Pain

Pain is usual after a car accident. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulation deal effectively with pain. They do so by releasing pain-relieving hormones. This is confirmed by research showing an increase in neurotensin, oxytocin, and cortisol in the bloodstream during the treatment.

Chiropractic treatment does this without the use of medication. Medication may relieve pain, but it may also mask other symptoms. Also, some drugs become addictive. If it happens to you, you will likely find withdrawal difficult and deal with complications. On the other hand, pain relief from chiropractic treatment will not mask other symptoms. It addresses the injury at the source of the issue to better help with healing.


Reduces Inflammation


Inflammation is among the common injuries arising from car accidents. Some inflammation is normal after an accident, simply indicating that the body is attempting to heal itself. But too much inflammation is harmful to your body and will cause pain and discomfort.

Chiropractic adjustments prompt the body to cut back on inflammatory cytokine production. This lowers the inflammatory response in your body and reduces pain. Inflammation can also cause stiffness that increases after periods of inactivity. Chiropractic treatment realigns the nerves and blood vessels to bring relief from this stiffness.


Restoring Range of Motion

Injuries from car accidents can cause your joints, neck, and back to lose flexibility. It may be due to inflammation, scar tissue, or misalignment of the joints in the spine. Chiropractic treatment restores mobility to your joints and spine. If you stick with the treatment, it will restore your range of motion and strengthen your body.


Reduce Scar Tissue

To heal damage in muscles and tendons, the body forms scar tissue from collagen. The scar tissue may cause stiffness and long-term pain. Chiropractic care resolves the discomfort by breaking up the scar tissue so the area can heal faster.


It Is Non-invasive


Some injuries from car accidents may require surgery from conventional medicine. However, chiropractic treatment is an effective alternative to surgery. It uses hands-on adjustments and manipulations to realign bones in the spine and joints.

It also aligns muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, reducing pain and inflammation. Chiropractic treatment promotes health, allowing the body to recover without resorting to surgery.

For more information on the benefits of chiropractic treatment after a car accident, visit Eisman Chiropractic Clinic at our office in Detroit, Michigan. You can call (313) 395-0088 to book an appointment today.

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