Chiropractic Care for Arthritis

Medical experts recognize the importance and effectiveness of chiropractic care for people with arthritis. The American Arthritis Society says that chiropractic care can improve the connection between your nervous system and your spine. Realignment from chiropractic manipulation can enhance the function of all systems in your body. These include your musculoskeletal system. If you want to understand more about chiropractic care for arthritis, here is what you should know.




Specialists are aware that many patients with arthritic pain are resorting to drug-free solutions for their discomfort. This is where chiropractic medicine comes into view. Chiropractors do not prescribe medications for pain and swelling. Instead, they have gentler techniques that are specific to your arthritic pain. According to experts, there are at least 150 methods in chiropractic medicine that deliver different levels of force. Patients get the most suitable techniques for their pain. Gentle techniques target tender and spasmodic muscles. Active traction methods usually enhance your range of motion (ROM) and stretch your affected joints.




Neurologists at the World Federation of Chiropractic say that chiropractic care is a safe therapy for arthritis. Chiropractors do not prescribe medications. They use various instruments and their hands to deliver their treatments. These techniques are natural. They have no adverse effects at all.


Provides Many Techniques


For the treatment of arthritis, chiropractors use several techniques in providing relief:


Joint mobilization technique

This method helps move your joints to reach their natural ROM. As you move, your chiropractor locates any restrictions in your movement.

HVLA (high-velocity low-amplitude) spinal manipulation therapy

Experts say that this therapy is the most common form of chiropractic care. Through this method, your chiropractor presses on a joint in your spine. This usually involves at least one abrupt and forceful thrust.


This is a type of imaging technology. It produces gentle soundwaves that can penetrate soft tissue and joints. Ultrasound waves can relieve inflammation, stiffness, and pain.


Massage and stretching

With muscle stretching and chiropractic massages, you get pain relief. Your tight muscles loosen, and your joints realign.

Cold and heat therapy

Cold therapy relieves inflammation and pain. Heat therapy improves circulation and encourages healing.

Cold or low-level laser

This type of laser is not hot at all. It can reduce swelling by penetrating the deep areas of your affected tissue.

TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)

This device can deliver gentle electrical pulses to stimulate your nerves and muscles. The result is pain relief.

Infrared sauna

Staying in this specialized room is like having your joints warmed up from within. The sauna rooms deliver controlled levels of heat that can increase your blood circulation and stop the pain.


The tiny electric pulses from this therapy do not hurt. They stimulate your muscles and nerves to relieve their discomfort.


Arthritic pain can be debilitating if you do not get treatment for it. Chiropractic care is a natural method. It does not have harmful side effects because it does not use pharmacological solutions. At Eisman Chiropractic Clinic, we provide our patients with safe and individualized chiropractic treatments.


For information about chiropractic care packages and how to treat arthritis, contact Eisman Chiropractic Clinic in Detroit, Michigan at 313-395-0088. 

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