Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment is a common request in the chiropractic care field. The neck’s flexibility and functionality increase susceptibility to strain, fatigue, and injuries.

All-day, people take part in activities that increase the risk of neck pain. Common causes include bad posture, arthritis, muscle strain, whiplash, sporting injuries, and accidents. Even simple things like hunching over your computer could cause neck pain.

Chiropractic care gets rid of neck pain and tension.


The Consultation


The chiropractor begins by taking down your information and studying your medical history. He then performs a physical exam, evaluating your spine as a whole. He identifies areas with restricted movement by checking the alignment of your spine. You may also have to walk around a little so that he can examine your general movement. The chiropractor may also recommend imaging through X-rays and ultrasounds. These too are excellent tools for finding the exact cause of your discomfort.

A comprehensive exam is crucial because neck pain may be a symptom of a larger issue. Other areas like the mid and lower back may also be affected. The idea is to treat you as a whole rather than the symptoms alone. You may also receive nutritional, stress management, and lifestyle advice.

Your treatment will depend on the results of a thorough examination and diagnosis. If the pain comes from a condition that may need surgery, the chiropractor refers you to a spine surgeon. If an adjustment can ease the problem, the chiropractor designs a treatment plan.


Chiropractic Treatments


Traditional treatment involves using the hand to make sudden neck twists. The thrust snaps the vertebrae back into alignment. Neck adjustments like these are called cervical manipulation. They cause the joints in the cervical vertebrae to loosen up. The neck muscles also relax. This helps to free the nerves and stops any muscle spasms.

The chiropractor may also take up instrument-assisted manipulation. The technique involves using a handheld instrument to perform the adjustment. The device ensures that the thrust applied does not harm your spine. The third alternative is the flexion-distraction technique. The treatment method involves gentle spinal manipulation by making a pumping action. A gentle push avoids direct pressure on the intervertebral disc.


Alternative Treatments


Some treatment methods do not involve spinal manipulation. For example, a therapeutic massage is an excellent tool for relaxing tense muscles. Instrument-aided soft tissue therapy uses specialized instruments to diagnose and treat muscular tension. Manual resistance and joint-stretching techniques relax the neck and back muscles. The chiropractor may also use the trigger point therapy technique. It involves applying specified pressure to tight and painful muscle points. The method helps to move the joints or muscles without worsening the pain and discomfort.


Soft Tissue Pain Relief Therapy


Your customized treatment plan may also include some soft tissue pain treatment methods. For example, an ultrasound transmits sound waves into your neck muscles’ tissues. The chiropractor may stimulate the neck muscle cells with a low-frequency electrical current. This method is called inferential electrical stimulation. These techniques ease muscular tension and bring down the pain.

Some therapeutic exercises may also prove useful in bringing down your neck pain. They also enhance your general motion range. For example, stretching and moving the neck throughout the day maintain movement. It also relieves tension and keeps the pain from progressing. Walking around improves general joint movement and eases muscle tension.


The chiropractic care treatment for neck pain is wholesome. It involves a range of treatment approaches and techniques. For a customized therapy treatment, visit the Eisman Chiropractic Clinic in Detroit, Michigan. You can also call 313-395-0088 to book your appointment.

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