Chiropractic Care in Detroit for Car Accident Injuries

Living in Detroit is a whole experience, plus a bag of chips. What does this mean?  The life here is incredible, and the people are amazing. More than that, the cars you see every day in the city are breathtaking. After all, this is Motown, the motor city of the world. However, there is a dark  (this is not correct…poor verbiage) side to this beautiful city and its roads: With all its car accidents, it is the most dangerous city in Michigan.

According to statistics from a 2010-2014 study, car accidents are on the steady rise in Detroit. Fortunately, not all are fatal, meaning people usually get to walk away from different accidents. While this is good, they do not always walk away unscathed. Car accidents can leave you nursing injuries for weeks or even months, especially if you do not see a specialist.

Chiropractic Care and Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents usually leave people nursing both minor and major injuries. Some injuries may take days to manifest symptoms. For this reason, most doctors advise people involved in minor or major   car accidents to have a checkup immediately after the accident. Here are some injuries that are common after car accidents.
  • Whiplash

One of the most common injuries people get from car accidents is whiplash. The injury was first described using this name in the 1920s because it occurs in the same manner as when you snap a whip. In this case, however, the whipping happens to your head. 

When you are caught in a collision in your car, your head whips violently forward and back. This movement leads to strain in the neck ligaments. The injury's impact usually does not manifest until a few weeks after the accident. The only efficient option for treating whiplash is chiropractic care. Chiropractors work to restore the health of the ligaments and cervical spine and ease the pain associated with the injury.
  • Back Pain

Another common injury that results from car accidents is back pain. When a car crashes, it produces such force during the impact that can affect your spine. A common cause of back pain after a car accident is a herniated or bulging disc.

The impact of the accidents can force a spinal disc to herniate. Chiropractors can help restore the disc to health using various adjustments. They usually also help correct mobility issues that may have arisen from the herniated disc. 
  • Nerve, Ligament, or Muscle Pain

Car accidents result in a lot of force applying pressure on your body and moving it in awkward and unnatural ways. These factors can lead to nerves becoming pinched, ligaments tearing, and muscles overstretching. Chiropractors can help restore you to total health through adjustments and exercises.
  • Inflammation

The impact of a car accident can lead to inflammation in different parts of your body. Inflammation is typically comorbid with pain that can affect the quality of your life. Inflammation is sometimes a sign that your body is working to heal itself.

Through manipulations that restore your physical structure, chiropractic care helps reduce the production of proinflammatory cytokines.

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