How Chiropractic Care Helps with Headaches

When was your last headache? Research shows that as many as 90% of adults will experience headaches on a regular basis during their lifetime. While they are extremely common, many people don’t realize that the way in which people experience headaches can vary significantly. Similarly, no two headaches that you might experience may be the same, differing in their severity, length, and the accompanying symptoms that you may experience. Sometimes headaches seem to come out of nowhere, with no discernible cause. Other times you may be able to attribute your headache to a specific reason, such as not having had enough water to drink, stress, or tiredness.


There are countless different medications that look to alleviate the pain associated with headaches, but few actually seek to treat the underlying cause of your discomfort. Many people don’t realize it, but chiropractic care can actually do both, relieving your pain and discovering and treating the reason for your headache.

What is Chiropractic Treatment and How Does it Help With Headaches?

Chiropractic treatment is a holistic approach to treating issues that may affect your health and wellbeing. It is non-invasive and drug-free. Instead, chiropractors use a variety of manual techniques to realign the spine, reducing pressure on the central nervous system and helping body systems to function optimally. This can boost blood flow, reduce pain and inflammation in the body and help you to heal more effectively from injury or illness.


Studies have shown that regular chiropractic treatments can help to reduce the number of headaches someone experiences and their severity. This is because:

  • Chiropractic treatment reduces tension in the neck, shoulders, and back.

    • Chiropractic treatment focuses on realigning the spine and this can reduce pressure affecting the nerves and muscles surrounding the spine, including those found in the neck, shoulders, and upper part of the back. Since upper body tension and headaches often accompany one another, this means that treatment here can help to reduce pain and incidences of headaches.

  • Chiropractic care improves your posture.

    • Posture can play a key role in the development of headaches. Poor posture places stress on the spine and muscles, which can result in neck and head pain. Chiropractic treatment will help you to improve your posture which will reduce symptoms of back and neck pain and associated conditions.

  • Chiropractic treatment has been shown to relieve stress.

    • Stress is a common factor in many headaches. However, chiropractic treatment triggers the production of pain-relieving endorphins which help you to combat pain naturally, without the use of medications. Reducing your stress levels can also help you to prevent future headaches.

  • Chiropractic care can help you to sleep better.

    • Not only do chiropractic adjustments help improve your posture and may make it more comfortable to sleep, but your practitioner will also be happy to advise you about bedtime routines and sleeping positions to ensure that you regularly get a good night’s sleep. This can help to reduce incidences of headaches and make them easier to manage if you do experience one.


If you would like more information about how chiropractic care helps with headaches, visit Eisman Chiropractic Clinic at our office in Detroit, Michigan. You can also call us at (313) 395-0088 today to schedule an appointment.

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