How ZYTO™ Scans Help With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a holistic treatment that combines several strategies to improve health. The most popular area of chiropractic care is spinal and joint manipulations. These are a major part of chiropractic care because they improve self-healing.

Yet, chiropractors have extra training that they use in conjunction with adjustments. They use these and other technologies to ensure your health is at its best. One of the most recent technologies that have picked up momentum is ZYTO™ scans.

ZYTO scans collect various data that help chiropractors tailor treatment protocols. ZYTO scans use biocommunication to provide insights into better choices for health.


What Are ZYTO Scans?

The basis of ZYTO scans is a technology that records specific fluctuations in the skin. The technology is not new since lie detectors use it, but it has only been used this way by ZYTO scans. The technology of recording fluctuations in the skin is called galvanic skin response (GSR). When the information from the GSR is gathered, ZYTO scans use biocommunication principles to analyze it.

The analysis gives insight into a patient’s health and wellness state. Practitioners can use it to understand the factors that affect a patient’s health and how much they do. They can help practitioners understand a patient’s biological preferences.

Biological preference refers to the stimuli that your body favors most. By understanding these, the practitioner develops treatment strategies specific to you.

How Does ZYTO Work?


  • Digital Signatures

The technology produces computer-generated signatures that get to the body. These signatures elicit fluctuations in the skin, and the GSR picks them up. The computer receives the reactions to the stimuli and records them.


  • Hand Cradle Chip

This collects the conductivity reading from the skin and translates them into digital signatures. These are then sent to the computer for interpretation.

  • Coherence Patterns

Coherence is important in evaluating the response to stimuli sent to the body. The ZYTO technology tracks many inputs from the computer. It uses them to calculate coherence shifts in the body. The technology gives either a positive or negative score for each signal. A positive score indicates higher coherence than the baseline and vice versa.


  • Software

A special software receives all the data collected. When the software analyzes the data, it scores the coherence patterns. A deviation ratio, denoted as dR, indicates a positive or negative score. Positive dRs are biological preferences, while negative dRs are biological aversions.

  • Results

The system collects the results, analyzes, and presents them in a simple-to-read interface. It arranges the results in order of the body’s priority. It allows the practitioner to use time better by focusing on priorities.


ZYTO Technology for Chiropractic Care

These scans allow chiropractors to prescribe a treatment plan suited to your biology. They use it to choose the best nutrition for your health goals. They also guide you on any supplements you may need. ZYTO scans make their recommendations more impactful and effective compared to other techniques.

For more on how ZYTO scans help with chiropractic care, visit Eisman Chiropractic Clinic at our office in Detroit, Michigan. Call (313) 395-0088 to book an appointment today.

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