Treating Radiating Pain on Arms and Legs after an Auto Accident


Automobile accidents can result in a wide variety of different types of injuries, affecting many different areas of the body. Some of these injuries are fairly minor, while others can have a much more significant and long-lasting effect. Some of those that affect the musculoskeletal system may not appear serious. In fact, as is often the case with these injuries, you may not even realize that you have been affected right away. This is because the damage sustained by the network of bones, muscles, and connective tissues of your body isn’t visible, and instead, patients have to wait to develop symptoms that indicate that these have been affected. 


There are many different signs and symptoms associated with musculoskeletal injuries sustained after an auto accident. One of the most common is radiating pain affecting the shoulders, arms, and legs and their extremities – toes, hands, and fingers. 


What Causes Radiating Pain After an Auto Accident?


Nerve damage is a very common side effect of being involved in a car accident. The extent of this nerve damage can vary depending on the type, location, and severity of the injury sustained, with nerves being over-extended, pinched, or even torn. For example, whiplash typically causes hyperextension of the muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues of the neck when the head whips back and forth. This also leads to overextension of the nerves in this area. Meanwhile, an injury that involves lacerations to the body may mean that the nerves are also severed. 


Pinched nerves are a very common side effect of being involved in an auto accident. While they may not sound very serious, they can be extremely painful to live with. Pinched nerves occur when an injury leads to excessive or intense pressure being applied to a specific area of the nerve. This pressure can damage the body’s ability to function properly, causing pain, numbness, and problems with mobility. 


How Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Radiating Pain on the Arms and Legs After an Auto Accident


Visiting a chiropractor in the first 48 hours after an auto accident is strongly recommended by most health professionals. The reason for this is that many musculoskeletal injuries don’t come to light until days or even weeks following an accident, and it is possible for patients to inadvertently make them worse during that time.


Chiropractors specialize in identifying and treating conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. They do this through a series of different techniques including manual manipulation of the spine, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, physical therapy, and more. The primary goal is to align the spine so that any pressure being placed onto the central nervous system is removed and the body can heal itself more effectively, including any injuries to the bones, muscles, connective tissues, and nerves. 


Chiropractic treatment also stimulates healthy bloody flow, and this increased circulation helps to reduce pain and inflammation and improve patient mobility. This can be achieved without the use of pain medications – something which many people are keen to avoid. Without this discomfort, patients are able to enjoy a better quality of life. 



If you would like more information about how chiropractic treatment can help with radiating pain after an auto accident, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly chiropractic team in Detroit, MI. 

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